How to Manage Your Divorce Attorney by Shawn Leamon

How to Manage Your Divorce Attorney

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly


How do you pick a good attorney to help you through your divorce? How do you know if your attorney is doing the right thing - or just running up your legal bills? What if you don't like the attorney you have?  

This course will provide hours of excellent information to help you with one of the most important decisions you make during the divorce process. 

Gain invaluable information like: 
  • Questions to ask your attorney before paying a retainer
  • How to spot red flags in a divorce attorney
  • How to keep costs under control 
  • Interviews with family lawyers and other experts

Your attorney can have the biggest impact on how your divorce case goes. You need to choose carefully and manage the relationship wisely. 

What's included?

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Ask Your Divorce Attorney These 3 Questions BEFORE Paying that Retainer
20 mins
5 Ways Divorce Attorneys Screw Up Your Settlement Financially
18 mins
Do You Really Need a Divorce Attorney?
12 mins
How to Pick a Divorce Attorney
16 mins
How do you choose a divorce attorney? Interview with Larry Sarezky, author of Divorce, Simply Stated
44 mins
4 Red Flags You Need a New Divorce Attorney
21 mins
He spent over $1 million in his divorce — Matt Sweetwood of Man-Up Project
31 mins
How Your Divorce Attorney is Manipulating You - And How to Keep Costs Under Control
17 mins
Interview with Amber Shemesh, Family Lawyer and Partner at MAS Law Firm
22 mins
5 Signs Your Attorney is NOT Doing a Good Job
12 mins

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