Divorce and Your Money: The No-Nonsense Guide by Shawn Leamon

Divorce and Your Money: The No-Nonsense Guide

The must-have book for people going through divorce.


If you are currently going through a divorce or soon will be, Divorce and Your Money is the perfect book for you. The author, Shawn C. H. Leamon (MBA), is a professional and well-respected financial advisor and Certified Divorce Financial Analyst. His book provides real-world practical advice, including tips and checklists to help women and men protect their financial interests and future.

His firm, LaGrande Global, serves as the trusted Chief Investment Officer for individuals and families undergoing complex changes in their financial liquidity, such as in the case of inheritance, divorce and selling a business. He has been an advisor in high-stakes divorce cases and participated in legal settlements with millions of dollars at stake.

The book is divided into well-organized sections that cover such essential divorce topics as what to do with the marital home, assembling an effective divorce team, evaluating settlement proposals, and how to avoid common financial mistakes.

Shawn analyzes each complex topic, leaving out the fluff and transforming confusing, intricate legal and financial concepts into easily understandable instructions and guidance.

He also explains how to avoid common pitfalls and traps. From employee stock options to capital gains taxes, joint bank accounts, and child support, Shawn's advice will help you receive everything you're entitled to and lead to a satisfactory divorce settlement.

At the end of each section, he includes a checklist, which not only summarizes and reinforces what you've learned but also tells you how to work with your legal counsel and financial professionals.

If divorce affects you, Divorce and Your Money is definitely a must-have book.

Check out the reviews from our readers:

“Shawn provided a level of expertise that really helped my attorney.” - DW

“If you want to get a good result for your divorce…Shawn is definitely a great place to start.” - SS

"I feel like I have somebody on my side to help me through this." - PB

I got Divorce and Your Money for research, and I found it really helpful. The book is separated into sections of information, and there's a lot of different checklists, recommendations, and explanations to be found within the chapters. I found the breakdown of information regarding how and when to use lawyers, and all the details regarding assets and financial support to be the most interesting. There's so much information regarding the divorce process that isn't widely known, and I felt like this book covered it all well, without ever becoming dull. I'll definitely be referring back to this book for information in the future!" - B.T.

"...So, I decided to spend $10 and get this book. Well, I am so pleased I did because it made the whole process so much smoother. The book contains practical advice in easy to understand language - no legal jargon, which I was really getting fed up with. I think sometimes lawyers use it on purpose to confuse you. At any rate, there is also useful checklists and explanations of different contracts and situations that may be relevant to your divorce case, and information about how likely you are to get these differing contracts held up in a court of law. This was the big eye-opener for me, because the judge does take into a lot of different factors when making a decision on a divorce case, because every case is so different. Just because a friend got one result with one lawyer, doesn’t mean you will get the same one! Of course, like many, the second most stressful thing about my divorce (fortunately we didn’t share any children), was the financial aspect, and the author’s calm, practical advice definitely made a big difference to my case. I felt armed with the tools and knowledge I needed to protect myself after reading, and I was (fortunately) able to stop a ruling for spousal support going through based on some of the information outlined in the book (see chapter ‘Spousal Support’), which I don’t think my attorney would have picked up on had I not mentioned (the fact that I have an underlying health issue, which reduces m capacity to work)." - B.B

"This book has helped me ask my attorney the right questions and eventually I was able to get the court and my ex off my back. The chapter on Child Support was especially helpful to me and my scenario. If I hadn’t have read this book, I probably would still be hauling myself to court every 6 months." - J.B.


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