Divorce Attorneys - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Divorce Attorneys - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
How do you choose a divorce attorney? Interview with Larry Sarezky, author of Divorce, Simply Stated
44 mins
5 Ways Divorce Attorneys Screw Up Your Settlement Financially
18 mins
5 Signs Your Attorney is NOT Doing a Good Job
12 mins
Do You Really Need a Divorce Attorney?
12 mins
He spent over $1 million in his divorce — Matt Sweetwood of Man-Up Project
31 mins
How Your Divorce Attorney is Manipulating You - And How to Keep Costs Under Control
17 mins
4 Red Flags You Need a New Divorce Attorney
21 mins
Ask Your Divorce Attorney These 3 Questions BEFORE Paying that Retainer
20 mins
How to Pick a Divorce Attorney
16 mins
Interview with Amber Shemesh, Family Lawyer and Partner at MAS Law Firm
22 mins
5 Things Your Attorney MUST Be Doing - Or You Could Have Trouble in Your Case.mp4
12 mins
5 Types of Attorneys to Avoid (If You Can!).mp4
13 mins
4 Reasons You Don't Want _The Most Aggressive_ Attorney.mp4
18 mins
Why is My Attorney Not Fighting for Me.mp4
20 mins