Step One: Prepare!

Learn the key elements of the divorce process, and some essential background information on how to get started.
Step One: Prepare!
How to Prepare for Divorce: Get Organized
21 mins
The Ultimate Divorce Checklist - Download This PDF!
101 KB
You Can Do This!
15 mins
How to Manage Your Finances While Separated
19 mins
Automatic Temporary Restraining Order in divorce
12 mins
How a prenup and a postnup affect your divorce
13 mins
The Easy Way vs. The Hard Way
17 mins
Are you prepared for Divorce?
14 mins
When should I file for divorce?
17 mins
Dealing with an Abusive Spouse in Divorce
16 mins
What is separate and marital property?
11 mins
Why arbitration may help your divorce
10 mins
Should you use mediation or litigation for your divorce?
10 mins
When Should You Start Your Divorce to Best Protect Your Finances?
14 mins
I Was Served! How To Respond To Divorce Papers
19 mins
Why You MUST Know Your Divorce Court Judge before Going to Court.mp4
20 mins