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You're on your way to getting access to some of the best divorce resources in the United States. Check out individualized coaching, over 150+ episodes of the podcast, and great mini-courses specifically designed to help you with your most pressing issues. There's something for everyone's situation, stage of divorce, and budget. Get access to all the great options below!

Comprehensive Divorce Settlement Option Review

“You have one chance to get things right during divorce — there are no do-overs. I want to help you avoid costly divorce mistakes that...

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Initial Divorce Strategy Session

Discuss your concerns. Get answers to your questions. Strategize about your situation.In this 1-hour strategy call, we're going to dive deep into the issues that matter the...

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How to Prepare for Divorce: Get Access to Over 40+ Hours of the #1 Divorce Resource

Divorce Your Spouse — Not Your Money. Learn how to avoid costly divorce mistakes.  You just found your divorce survival guide. Get access to the #1...

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Is your spouse hiding money from you?

If you’re asking yourself this question, there’s probably a a strong likelihood.   You probably need this course. Find out the most common tricks your spouse...

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Step One: What Do You Need to Know about the Divorce Process?

Your go-to guide on how to prepare for a divorce.  This course will help you learn all the essential steps in the divorce process before...

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How to Complete Your Financial Affidavit and Statement of Net Worth for Your Divorce

The financial affidavit is a summary of your entire financial life, usually spanning the course of a year. It includes all your sources of income,...

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How to Deal with Your Divorce Attorney

How do you pick a good attorney to help you through your divorce? How do you know if your attorney is doing the right thing...

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Protect Your House from Your (Ex-)Spouse

Can you afford to keep your home?  What happens to your mortgage during divorce? Do you know how to determine the true value of your...

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Divorce and Your Money: The No-Nonsense Guide

If you are currently going through a divorce or soon will be, Divorce and Your Money is the perfect book for you. The author, Shawn...

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